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School MIS

Palmsoft School MIS, the ultimate school administration software – it is multi-functional for every department of the school.  It integrates control of financial activities with academic records & administration.  It provides an automatic fees billing system with follow-up of overdue fees.

Palmsoft School MIS is designed for the Windows operating system, and on any browser and works in any network environment. Some of the features include:

Palmsoft MIS

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Academics:     Students performance/subject/class ranking

                        Process students report forms and broadsheets

                        Monitor students’ performance and provide exam profiles

                        Capture term dates

Capture a

nd update students’ attendance records (register)

Teachers:       Keep Teachers` Records on duties, responsibilities and attendance

                        Assign class teachers

Registry:         Capture students` details on admission

                        Follow up on disciplinary issues and action taken

Capture, view and update students graduate program records/ Alumni records

Capture Parents`/Guardians’ details

School Set up: School Branches, departments, sections like Pre-school, Secondary.


                        General school info like contacts e.t.c

Library:         Manage library (keep& track book records)

Security:         Limited rights to different users

                        Login and access passwords

Timetables:    Create and print school timetables

Club and societies:    Maintain data of clubs & societies

Payroll:           Capture employee details and departmental information

                        Overtime & Leave Management

Process payroll & pay slips

Accounts:       Capture Income & Expenditure

                        Manage Creditors & debtors


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